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Are You Ready To Feel Wildly Romantic? 

When your heart skips a beat, you're ready to fall wildly in love and this is when your love story blossoms. 

Romantic Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Your Love Story Has an Essence to Express


Est. 2009 Nested Yellow Jewelry Co. is a romantic line of custom unique engagement rings and bespoke fine jewelry design handcrafted by Anna Isabel Vasquez. 

Poetry from the heart, storytelling and nature’s textured charm inspire our collection of Nested Yellow Jewelry custom unique engagement rings. It is our passion to create an exciting, romantic and memorable experience for you of designing the perfect unique engagement ring that reflects your true love's essence. Infused in every design you will discover natural elements that are poetic, meaningful and sentimental. Express the essence of your love story in your custom jewelry design that resonates with your heart. Schedule a complimentary consultation to connect with the designer, Anna Vasquez, and receive lovely guidance along your exciting journey. 
Nested Yellow Jewelry Co. is committed to environmental responsibility, ethical sourcing and marriage equality. Our unique engagement rings are handcrafted in the USA with 100% reclaimed precious metals, Fairmined gold, ethically sourced gemstones, and low-impact, environmentally conscious practices.  

Custom Unique Engagement and Wedding Rings 

Our studio is uniquely designed to create a personal and custom experience, so we meet in a comfy setting and enjoy some coffee while we connect. Our custom unique engagement rings and wedding bands are made to order reflect your personal preferences. We'll meet for coffee or Skype. Discuss your vision and desires. Size your finger. Your exciting adventure begins.


Seeking a memorable custom jewelry design experience?

Connecting with you heart to heart in person is what makes this a memorable experience. We can enjoy your custom jewelry consultation at the loveliest coffee shop in Portland, skype or chat on the phone. Schedule your personal consultation through the form below.