Nested Yellow Jewelry Co. is a romantic line of fine jewelry and bespoke jewelry design handcrafted by Anna Isabel Vasquez. 


Poetry from the heart, storytelling and nature’s textured charm inspire the designs and collections of Nested Yellow Jewelry. Infused in every design you will discover natural elements that are poetic, meaningful and sentimental. Forever cherished each time you gaze at your custom design jewelry piece. Express the essence of your love story in your custom jewelry design that resonates with your heart.
Nested Yellow Jewelry Co. is committed to environmental responsibility, ethical sourcing and marriage equality. Our jewelry is handcrafted in Portland, OR with 100% reclaimed precious metals, Fairmined gold, ethically sourced gemstones, and low-impact, environmentally conscious practices. 
Custom Wedding Bands | Custom Engagement Rings | Custom Anniversary Jewelry | Custom Mom-to-Be Jewelry | Custom Family Heirloom Jewelry Redesign


About the Designer

"I learned the sacred art of self-decoration with monarch butterflies perched atop my head, lightning bugs as my night jewelry, and emerald-green frogs as bracelets.”  
Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D., Women Who Run With the Wolves
Desiring to create beautiful objects with her hands, Anna Isabel Vasquez discovered her calling in 2008 while walking the streets of Savanah, Georgia where she was attending a wedding of long time friends.  Intuition and serendipity led her down a brick side street to a little co-op shop who's owner was a metalsmith. This encounter opened a world of endless opportunities and creative inspiration to bring back home. 
It didn't take long for Anna to turn her creative passion and entrepreneurial spirit into an opportunity to connect with nature and romantics at heart in a meaningful way. So in 2009 she launched Nested Yellow. With her genuine compassion and a heart worn on her sleeve, she has connected with incredible clients and supporters of the jewelry she creates with timeless natural beauty. 
Being of service to you as your designer and maker of beautiful objects of your affection, is her joy. Through the art of jewelry and storytelling, she mixes love potions with dashes of nature that express your unique stories.
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photographs by Jessica Dremov and