Ring Size Guide

Finding the most comfortable ring size can be daunting if you have rarely or if ever ordered a ring from a jeweler. A comfortable fitting ring needs to slip over your knuckle to the base of your finger with a slight push.  Lift your ring on your finger to see a crescent sliver of light(waning crescent moon) between them. Next you want to be able to easily wiggle-walk not tug or pull your ring off your finger. If you are having a custom ring with a large gem and detailed top, a European ring shank will fill the gaps between your fingers on the underside of your hand and keep the ring centered on your finger. It's very comfortable with very little fidgeting. Your ring becomes a part of you effortlessly. 
Click the button below for a printable ring sizer sheet for measuring your ring size. If you're able to meet in person with your jeweler that will be your best fit.