Nature Inspired Engagement Rings

- October 25, 2015 -

You are my Sun and Moon

A collection of nature inspired engagement rings feels delicate and feminine for the adventurous woman. There are several emails that come through each month from couples who have searched endlessly for unique, simple and nature inspired engagement rings. There are definitely plenty to choose from out there in the wild. 
So when couples discover the Nested Yellow engagement rings, they are elated to have found their perfect ring that expresses their special feelings and simple ways of life. The natural texture and details of the Nested Yellow engagement rings are often times described as feminine, delicate and elegant with a nod to vintage design and botanical whimsy. 
But what brings depth and breadth to each unique engagement ring is the poetry of the heart that brings each design to life and reflects the natural beauty of a couples love story. Also feel at ease with knowing that your Nested Yellow engagement ring is handcrafted with repurposed gold and conflict-free diamonds. 
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