- October 19, 2017 -

harmony diamond heirloom diamond nature inspired ring

Creating a Beautiful Unique Engagement Ring for you begins with us connecting heart to heart.


heirloom diamond rose gold engagement rings
Discovering the personal experience of designing your beautiful unique engagement ring is priceless and memorable. When you choose Nested Yellow Jewelry to create the most romantic and meaningful engagement ring, you will experience a truly memorable journey of expressing your love story and having your ring express the essence of your love for each other. 


Oval Blue Oregon sunstone rose gold engagement ring
Our journey together begins with us meeting for coffee in the Northwest Alphabet District, where it's relaxed and comfortable. Our hearts open and share stories of romance. With a pen in hand, we listen intently and take notes of feelings, moments and images from their story that inspired the concept and meaning of your ring design. We find it fascinating and wildly romantic how two hearts find each other. We believe your love story is truly one of a kind and so should your beautiful unique engagement ring.


- January 29, 2017 -

Marquise Diamond Stackable Engagement Wedding ring set

This unique conflict-free Marquise Diamond Stackable engagement wedding ring set is romantically symbolic of the love between you that continues to naturally grow for many years. The sweetest engagement ring that isn't complete until it's matching wedding ring joins comes together forming a heart and luscious leaves with conflict-free Marquise Diamonds. Why should your wedding ring not be as amazing and breathtaking as your engagement ring?

"Escape into the earthy scented world of nature where we can explore and get lost amongst the swaying evergreens and place our feet onto damp moss as the breeze moves and sways deep into romance." Place your order for this 

Marquise Diamond Stackable Engagement Wedding Ring Set here.

Because finding your unique and non-traditional 

Marquise Diamond Stackable Engagement Wedding Ring set 

that expresses how you feel is like finding gold at the end of a rainbow. Your unique story deserves to be reflected in a special ring that is hand made with love and detailed with an architect's eye. I hope you will feel elegant and poetic wearing this organic and unique ring set. It's flowing with symbolic meaning that connects you with love, mother & child, nature, etc. Let your heart and imagination drift into sweet daydreams. Present your sweetheart with the most symbolic and elegant marquise diamond stackable engagement wedding ring set  and order it today.

- November 26, 2016 -

Love Knot Promise Rings

The most symbolic way to say "I love you" when you are far from shore. Your sweetheart wears their sentimental ring as a sweet reminder that your love is near.

Love Knot Promise Rings

This Love Knot Promise ring is woven for the romantics at heart inspired by the romance of sailboats gliding across the Puget Sound with the Olympic Mountains beyond.


Love Knot Promise Rings

"A sailor's love for the sea is forever tied to true love. As you sail the deep blue sea, amazing adventures await you. Close your eyes and escape into the breeze as you wear this sweet Sailor's Knot wrapped around your finger. "
Your Love Knot Ring will be unique as it's hand woven with love. Order yours today. 


- November 20, 2016 -

Exotic Colored Gemstones

The Oregon Sunstone is an exotic colored gemstone and 100% natural found only in North America. Formed and crystallized by ancient volcanic force, Oregon Sunstone is unique among gem feldspars due to the millions of copper schiller found in it.


Exotic Colored Gemstones

Each Oregon Sunstone is as unique as a snowflake. Only in Oregon is it found of gemstone quality and in such a spectacular array of colors: clear, yellow, light pink, salmon, orange, green, intense red and blue-green. Shades of red and green being the most rare.

Exotic Colored Gemstones

Every stone is 100% natural with no enhancement to color with chemicals, diffusion, heat or oiling. Each rough Oregon Sunstone from the Ponderosa Mine is handpicked by Native Americans.

- November 10, 2016 -

Hers and Hers Custom Wedding Bands

Nested Yellow Jewelry is committed to environmental responsibility, ethical sourcing and marriage equality. Our jewelry is handcrafted in Portland, OR with 100% reclaimed precious metals, Fairmined gold, ethically sourced gemstones, and low-impact, environmentally conscious practices. Schedule your custom jewelry consultation.

Hers and Hers Custom Wedding Bands

From custom wedding bands to family heirloom jewelry services, Nested Yellow Jewelry is proud to offer the compassionate service and commitment to quality jewelry and customer service. From before we take your order to after you receive your custom designed jewelry, Nested Yellow Jewelry is committed to providing the most sentimental and ethical custom jewelry in the greater Portland and Lake Oswego areas.

Hers and Hers Custom Wedding Bands

Contact us for custom fine jewelry, unique engagement rings and wedding bands.

Connecting with you heart to heart in person is what makes this a memorable experience. We can enjoy your custom jewelry consultation at the loveliest coffee shop in Portland, skype or chat on the phone. Schedule your personal consultation through the form below or email anna@nested-yellow.com
Schedule your custom jewelry consultation.

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